Informing the location and implementation of pedestrian crosswalks in Bangkok, Thailand

PI, USask International Office, 2022-2024.

Thailand is characterized by crowded environments, underdeveloped infrastructure, and careless driving behaviours of drivers. This has contributed to Thailand having the highest fatal crash rate among Asian countries, and the 9th highest fatality rate in the world. Motorcycle-pedestrian accidents account for almost 33% of all traffic fatalities primarily caused by driver speeding and failing to yield/stop. To address this issue, the Thailand government is wanting to implement crosswalks in Bangkok to ensure pedestrians can cross the street safely. However, there is limited data as to where to implement and design the crosswalks. The purpose of this project is to 1) determine where crosswalks should be implemented based on the highest number motorcycle/pedestrian crashes using data from the Thailand Accident Reporting System; and 2) to use microsimulation software to examine the impact of implementing a crosswalk on motorcycle-pedestrian accidents. Data learned from this project will inform the implementation of a crosswalk to be piloted in Bangkok. 

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