I've been inspired by two important geometric constructions in representation theory: affine Grassmannians and the geometric Satake equivalence on the one hand, and the theory of Nakajima quiver varieties on the other.  At first glance these two stories seem to have little to do with one another, but recent developments have shown that this is not the case: they are related through the theory of symplectic duality as defined by Braden, Licata, Proudfoot and Webster.  Much of my research is focused on aspects of symplectic duality, its origins in physics, and how all of this relates back to representation theory.

In a little more detail, for the past few years my research has been focused on the study of Coulomb and Higgs branches of 3d N=4 SUSY gauge theories.  These are spaces coming from physics, which have recently been introduced into mathematics through the groundbreaking work of Braverman, Finkelberg, and Nakajima on Coulomb branches.  (Higgs branches are simpler to define, and their construction has been understood for some time.)  I am especially interested in quiver gauge theories.  For quiver gauge theories, the Coulomb branch is related to the affine Grassmannian, while the Higgs branch is a Nakajima quiver variety.  So quiver gauge theories provide a unifying "link" between of these two important constructions in representation theory. 

It is generally expected that the Coulomb branch and Higgs branch of any particular 3d N=4 gauge theory are symplectic dual to one another.  Its also worth noting that this duality is related to 3d mirror symmetry in physics.

The Coulomb side of things is very recent, at least mathematically, and still under very active development.  I spend a lot of my time thinking about these spaces and their properties, as well as associated algebraic objects.


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My PhD thesis.