Dr. Ed Krol Professor

Academic Background

Welcome to the home page for the research group of Dr. Ed Krol. My lab and office are both situated on the third floor of the Health Sciences building at the University of Saskatchewan.

I accept graduate students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds in the basic sciences including chemistry, biochemistry, biology, toxicology, pharmacology, and physiology to name a few. For more information regarding graduate studies in my group, please visit the graduate studies portion of my website.

For more information contact us at ed.krol@usask.ca or (306) 966-2011.

Academic Positions

2019-2020: Acting Associate Dean Academic, College of Pharmacy & Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan

2018-present: Professor, College of Pharmacy & Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan

2008-2018: Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy & Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan

2001-2008: Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy & Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan

2001-present: Associate Member, Department of Chemistry, University of Saskatchewan

2001-present: Member, Toxicology Graduate Program, University of Saskatchewan

2008-present: Member, Drug Discovery and Development Research Group, University of Saskatchewan

2011-2015: Graduate Chair (Pharmacy)

2000-2001: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Brandon University


BSc. 1985 (Chemistry) McMaster University

Ph.D. 1993 (Chemistry) Queen's University Supervisor: Gregory R.J. Thatcher


1994-1996: University of Illinois-Chicago, College of Pharmacy, Department of Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy Supervisor: Judy L. Bolton

1996-2000: University of Arizona, College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology Supervisor: Daniel C. Liebler, President Protypia LLC


Chemical Institute of Canada (1996)

Society of Toxicology of Canada (2000)

American Chemical Society (1995)

International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (2003)

Update 2019:

Summer 2019 Group Trip


Anglin Lake (L to R): Brigitte, Omo, Ed, Marissa, Maddy, Gabriel

Congratulations to Chukwunonso Nwabufo who defended his MSc. and convocated in June 2019 and has started a position with Gilead in Edmonton.

2018 Conferences

Omo & Ed at CSC-2018 in Edmonton

ISSX-2018 in Montreal (L to R: Frank, Ahmed, Ed & Chukwu)

Taylor-NSERC USRA Poster Day-2018

Summer 2018 Group Trip

Prince Albert National Park (L to R): Chukwu, Marissa, Taylor, Ed, Omo

Chukwu at DMDG-SPS in Sweden, October 2018

Chukwu at AAPS in Washington, DC, November 2018


There are several projects ongoing in my research group.

1. We are investigating the stability, metabolism and reactivity of lignans. We have observed that di-catechol lignans can undergo intramolecular cycclizations under oxidizing conditions to form dibenzocyclooctadienes. We are continuing to prepare lignan analogues in an effort to better understand the effect that substituents play on stabililty.

2. We have prepared a number of novel dimer analogues designed to interact with alpha-synuclein, a protein involved in the pathophysiology of Parkinson's Dosease. In collaboration with Dr. Jeremy Lee (Biochemistry) we continue to design and prepare additional dimers to improve alpha-synuclein binding properties.

3. We are designing synthetic pathways to prepare 18F-labelled compounds as Positron Emission Tomography imaging probes for both the lignans and dimer compounds.

Research Group

Current Group Members

Ph.D. Candidates
Gabriel Dalio Bernardes da Silva
Ph.D. Candidate (Pharmaceutical Sciences) 2018-
MSc. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) State University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo-Brazil (2018)
BSc. (Pharmacy) Faculdades Integradas de Ourinhos, Brazil (2015)
Omozojie Paul Aigbogun
Ph.D. Candidate (Chemistry, Co-supervisor: Dr. Chris Phenix) 2017-
BSc. (Chemistry) Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria (2014)

Past Group Members


Brigitte Moser
MSc.(Pharmaceutical Sciences) 2018-2020
BSc. (Chemical Biology) McMaster University (2018)
Current Position: MD Candidate (Saskatchewan)

Chukwunonso Kingsley Nwabufo
MSc. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) 2017-2019
BSc. (Biochemistry) University of Benin, Nigeria (2015)
Current Position: Gilead Sciences (Edmonton)

Kevin Allen 2014-2017
Ph.D. (Chemistry) University of Victoria (2014)
BSc. (Chemistry) University of Victoria (2008)
Current Position: Research Associate, University of Saskatchewan (E. Dadachova)

Ahmed Almousa
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) 2011-2017
MSc. (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
BSP (Pharmacy)

Kholud Algabbass
MSc.(Pharmaceutical Sciences) 2012-2017
BSP (Pharmacy)
Yunyun Di
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) 2011-2016
Leah McGurn
MSc. (Toxicology) 2013-2016
BSc. (Biochemistry) University of Guelph (2013)
Current Position: Juris Doctor Candidate, University of Toronto
Isaac Asiamah 
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) 2010-2014
BSc. (Chemistry) University of Cape Coast, Ghana (2000)
MSc. (Pharm. Analysis and Quality Control) Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana (2003)
Current Position: Senior Lecturer, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast Ghana
Jatinder Mukker
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) University of Saskatchewan 2010-2014
BPharm, Guru Nanak Dev University-Amritsar, India (2009)

Sabia Maini
MSc. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) University of Saskatchewan 2010-2012
BPharm, Guru Nanak Dev University-Amritsar, India (2009)
Current Position: Pharmacist, Edson, AB

Chaojie (Jessie) Lin
MSc. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) University of Saskatchewan 2010-2012
BPharm. Eng., Bejing Institute of Technology (2010)
Brian M. Fahlman
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) University of Saskatchewan 2003-2010 
MSc. (Toxicology) University of Saskatchewan (2003) 
BSc. (Biochemistry) University of Regina (1999)
Current Position: Gilead Science, Edmonton, AB

Katie Maloney
MSc. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) University of Saskatchewan 2006-2010
BSc. (Chemistry), University of Saskatchewan (2006)
Current Position: Willow Analytics, Vancouver, BC

Jennifer L. Billinsky
Ph.D. (Toxicology) University of Saskatchewan 2002-2009
BSc. (Biochemistry) University of Saskatchewan (2002)
Current Position: Research Scientist, Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory, Regina, SK

Erin Boyd
MSc. (Toxicology) University of Saskatchewan 2004-2007
BSc. (Biomedical Toxicology) University of Guelph (2004)
Farah Hosseinian 
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) University of Saskatchewan 2001-2006
MSc. (Microbiology and Food Science) University of Saskatchewan (2000)
BSc. (Food Science) Tehran University (1986)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Carleton University
Melanie A. Felmlee 
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences), University of Buffalo (2010)
MSc. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) University of Saskatchewan 2002-2005 
BSc. (Biomedical Toxicology) University of Guelph (2001)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of the Pacific


Marissa Pirlot
BSP (Pharmacy) University of Saskatchewan (2020)
Interdisciplinary Summer Student Researcher (May-August 2018, May-August 2019) PHAR 592 (September-December 2019)
Current Position: MSc. Candidate (Pharmacy) University of Saskatchewan

Maddy Owens
BSc. (Biochemistry) University of Saskatchewan (2020)
NSERC-USRA (May-August 2019)
Current Position: PharmD Candidate, University of Saskatchewan

Taylor Koshtyshyn
BSc. (Chemistry) Brandon University (2020)
NSERC-USRA (May-August 2018)
Current Position: DMD Candidate (Dentistry) University of Manitoba

Michael Theaker
BSP, University of Saskatchewan (2019)
Pharmacy & Nutrition Summer Student Researcher (May-August 2018) Co-supervisor: Roy Dobson

Kimberly Williams-NSERC USRA (2017) 
BSc. Candidate (Veterinary Medicine) University of Saskatchewan

Miranda Lavier-Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant (2017)
BSc. (Chemistry) University of Saskatchewan (2019)
Current Position: Imaging Associate, CLS

Chi Zhang-Chem 483 (2015-2016), Research Assistant (2017) 
BSc. (Chemistry) University of Saskatchewan (2016)

Sarah Petriew (2015)
BSc. (Physiology & Pharmacology) University of Saskatchewan (2015)
B.E. (Chemical Engineering) University of Saskatchewan (2019)
Current Position: Process Engineer Co-op Refinery-Regina

Heather Hodgson-NSERC USRA (2011, 2012)
BSc. (Biochemistry) University of Saskatchewan (2013)
BSP (Pharmacy) University of Saskatchewan (2017)

Krista Dmytryshyn-Chem 483 (2011-2012)
BSc. (Chemistry), University of Saskatchewan (2012)
BEd. University of Saskatchewan (2013)
Manon Hirth-Summer Intern (2010)
BSc. (Toxicology), Universite de Nice-Antipolis (2011)
Current Position: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Strasbourg, FR
Margot Klemmer-NSERC USRA (2009)
BSc. (Chemistry), University of Saskatchewan (2011)
MD, University of Saskatchewan (2015)
Andrea Scheler-Chem 483 (2007-2008)
BSc. (Chemistry), University of Saskatchewan (2008)
Katie Maloney-Chem 483 (2005-2006)
BSc. (Chemistry), University of Saskatchewan (2006)
Courtney Wheatley-Summer Intern (2007)
Ph.D., University of Arizona (2013)
BS, Iowa Wesleyan College (2008)
Current Position: Senior Research Fellow, Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
Mary Fraser-CIHR/ Rx&D Summer Studentship (2006)
BSP (Pharmacy), University of Saskatchewan (2009)
Current Position: CPDP/ medSask
MSc. Candidate (Pharmacy, Supervisor: Charity Evans) University of Saskatchewan

Brian Wong-NSERC USRA (2006)
PharmD., Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
BSc. (Biochemistry), University of Saskatchewan (2009)
Michelle Marcoux-NSERC USRA (2004, 2005)
ND, The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine
BSc. (Anatomy & Cell Biology), University of Saskatchewan (2006)
Current Position: Naturopathic Doctor, True Potential Health Services, Saskatoon, SK 

Travis Ancelet-USTEP Research Student (2005)
Ph.D. (Atmospheric Chemistry), Victoria University of Wellington (NZ) (2012) 
MSc. (Chemistry), University of Toronto (2009)
BSc. (Chemistry), University of Saskatchewan (2007)
Current Position: Senior Researcher, Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington, NZ

Curtis Rieder-Chem 483 (2004-2005)
BSc. (Chemistry), University of Saskatchewan (2005) 
Ph.D. (Chemistry), University of Alberta (2010)
Current Position: Gilead Sciences, Edmonton, AB
Ken Chalcraft (2004)
Ph.D. (Chemistry), McMaster University (2013)
MSc. (Chemistry), McMaster University (2008)
BSc. (Chemistry), Brandon University (2006)
Melissa Dowd (2002) 
BSc. (Chemistry), Brandon University (2003),
BSc. (Pharmacy) University of Manitoba (2007)
Current Position: Pharmacist, Winnipeg, MB


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Ahmed A. Almousa, Francois Meurens, Ed S. Krol, Jane Alcorn, 2018, Linoorbitides and Enterolactone Mitigate Inflammation-induced Oxidative Stress and Loss of Intestinal Epithelial Barrier Integrity,  Int. Immunopharmacol.64, 42-51.

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Graduate Studies

I accept graduate students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds in the basic sciences including chemistry, biochemistry, biology, toxicology, pharmacology and physiology to name a few. Students with nationally competitive scholarships such as NSERC or CIHR can apply to receive tuition waivers from the College.

As a graduate student in my lab you would receive training in several of the following areas:

  • drug metabolism
  • analytical method development
  • product purification andidentification
  • animal studies
  • organic synthesis
  • physical-organic chemistry
A majority of the work in my lab requires the use of HPLC. We have several instruments including a Waters Alliance system, purchased with funds from CFI, and Agilent 1100 and 1200 systems purchased with funds from NSERC.

We also utilize the NMR and MS facilities in the Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Centre (SSSC).

My research group holds group meetings and literature review meetings on alternate weeks throughout the year.

I am an Associate member of the Department of Chemistry and a member of the Toxicology Graduate Program. Therefore, students may also join my research group through these programs.

For information regarding application for graduate studies in the College of Pharmacy & Nutrition please click here.