Picture of Cherie Westbrook

Cherie Westbrook PhD Professor and Director, NSERC CREATE for Water Security

We study the co-evolution of ecological and hydrological processes that explain wetland structure, function and resilience to inform policy and regulatory discussions about their conservation, management and restoration.

Department of Geography & Planning, Global Institute for Water Security
University of Saskatchewan

Current Projects

Photo credit: Amanda Ronnquist

i) Determining how beavers structurally transform the aquatic landscapes they colonize, and whether their actions restore and enhance ecosystem function or reduce hydrological impacts of climate change (Canadian Rockies Beaver Project).

ii) Assessing how wetland ecohydrological functioning varies across mountain ranges and evolves under stress (climate change, land use change). Visit the Mountain Water Futures and Canadian Rockies Hydrological Observatory project websites to learn more.

iii) Evaluating the effectiveness of policies in conserving wetland functions. 


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