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Jennifer Nyarko

 Undergraduate Education: BSc Biochemistry and Botany (Combined Major, First Class Honours), University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana. This included a Fourth Year Honors Project: “Investigating the antibacterial activity of some chewing sticks used in Ghana.”

After my undergraduate degree, I worked as a teaching assistant with the Biochemistry Department, University of Ghana. Following this, I worked as a research assistant involved with monitoring adverse drug reactions with the National Centre for Pharmacovigilance as part of the Centre for Tropical Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CTCPT), University of Ghana Medical School (UGMS).

Postgraduate Education: PhD in Biochemistry, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon (2014). Thesis Project: “Regulation OF PDGF Receptor Trafficking and Signalling by the RABGAP function of p85α.”

Current Position: Post-doctoral Researcher, Cell Signalling Laboratory, Department of Psychiatry, University of Saskatchewan. Projects include determining the role of antidepressants in Alzheimer-related dementia using in vivo models, and sex-dependent mechanisms in Alzheimer and Parkinson’s dementia.